Born in Northfield, Minnesota, I absolutely loved sports. The Minnesota Twins were my team. I was Torii Hunter and Johan Santana in the backyard daily, and Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven were on my television nightly. A bright and energetic kid who spent most of his time outside, I loved playing baseball. I was that one kid at the games who always took it way too seriously, but it was because it was my passion.

However, as said in the movie Moneyball, “There comes a time when everyone realizes they can’t play baseball anymore”. This came early in Middle School. I spent my days wondering how I could still incorporate my passion into my daily life. But then, I found the answer. I can talk about baseball all day and all night; why can’t I spend my career doing this? From this day on, I decided that my future was going to be spent trying to get to the Minnesota Twins- as a broadcaster.

I landed at Drake University as a Broadcast News major in college. Since I have been here, I have done everything in my power to step behind the microphone. I started broadcasting Drake basketball and football games on the student-run radio station, 94.1 the dog. I have broadcasted live soccer and football on the National Federation of High School Sports Network. I have broadcasted Drake soccer on ESPN 3.

Currently, I run the student-run broadcasts of Drake football and basketball games. Every game. And I can’t get enough of it. People ask me why I work so many jobs. It is because absolutely nothing is better than talking about sports. Each and every time that I put on a headset and talk, I fall in love with my profession again. It is a dream come true.

To this day, when people ask me what I want to be in the future, I say, “I want to be the play-by-play announcer for the Minnesota Twins”. Dreams are not meant to be broken, they are meant to be reality. My conversations I used to have in the living room now happen on live radio. I still am not close to where I want to be. Why do I get into a dense profession that is growing more dense every day and pays a starting salary of $19,000? Because it is my passion. I hope that through this website, you can see my passion for sports and broadcasting.